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Don Migliori

Don Migliori

Motley Rice

...your firm is a real class act. Your work is superlative, and your compassion is sincere. Thank you so much.

Jere Beasley

Jere Beasley

Beasley Allen

Asbury Newton provides Beasley Allen with prompt, trustworthy advice. Most of all, they truly care about our clients.



Structured Settlements

Design of tax-free payment streams guaranteed by some of the nation's strongest financial institutions.

Government Benefits

Provide assistance in preserving needs-based government benefits that otherwise would be in jeopardy upon receipt of the settlement.

Deferred Compensation

Assist attorneys in deferring contingency fees through a number of planning techniques.



We're honored to call the Atlanta Tech Village our home. Inefficiencies abound in our industry. We like to chase those down and fix them with technology.

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