It's really pretty simple.

What we do

We settle fears. We believe it's not enough to settle a case without settling financial fears. Claimants need to know that their financial futures are guaranteed. Structured settlements are the only way that can be accomplished. 

We've specialized in structured settlements since 2003. Working with some of the nation's leading plaintiff firms, defendants and insurers, we've helped to guarantee financial futures for those impacted by aviation disasters, terrorism, sexual abuse, defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and truck, train and automobile accidents.


Not what we do

We're not investment managers. Our years of experience have taught us that the vast majority of personal injury claimants don't have the same risk tolerances as the average person. They've experienced incredible loss and are not in positions to assume unnecessary risks. Additionally, we believe personal injury attorneys should only offer pre-settlement advice (structured settlements) rather than post-settlement advice (how cash settlements are invested). 


Join us

We are selectively accepting new clients. Please reach out. We would love to meet you and discuss how we might help you settle the fears and guarantee the financial futures of personal injury claimants.

In uncertain times, it’s nice to know structures, like you’ve always suggested, give my clients peace of mind. Not having to worry about finances takes a lot of stress off in a tough situation.
Brad Thomas
Brad Thomas
Fried Goldberg
Grateful you've always structured for my clients. It's nice knowing they have guaranteed incomes, especially now
Buck Rogers
Brian "Buck" Rogers
Rogers & Fite