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Asbury Newton understands what motivates claimants and how they think. They know what helps settle large cases.

Matt Moffett

Gray, Rust, St. Amand, Moffett & Brieske

Asbury Newton provides Beasley Allen with prompt, trustworthy advice. Most of all, they truly care about our clients.


Jere Beasley

Beasley Allen

...your firm is a real class act. Your work is superlative, and your compassion is sincere. Thank you so much.


Don Migliori

Motley Rice

We love our work.
We care about you.

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  • Extensive claimant-side experience
  • Understanding of the claimant thought process
  • Focus on simplicity and clarity

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Case Description

Submit a description of your next case utilizing our guided intake form.


Settlement Plan

We create a customized settlement plan with presentation tips and visuals.


Mediation Support

We're here for you. Include us in your mediation scheduling, and we'll be available for answers and suggestions.

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Mediation mistakes

What NOT to do at a mediation. From 15 years of experience on the claimant's side, Mark Newton shares a few observations.

Have a Team?

The more the merrier! We're happy to schedule a private webinar for your whole team.

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